A grand day out.

The only winner in the War of 1812 was Tchaikovsky....Solomon Short

We had a nice day out at the end of May.
About 2 hours away from us is a town that was an important base for the British Military in the War of 1812.
We spent summers nearby several years ago, when we kept a boat at Midland, and while we had visited Penatanguishine, had no idea there was a living museum there.
I learned about Discovery Harbour while looking online for something else.

The centrepiece of this museum is the HMS Tecumseth. The original sank in Penatanguishine Harbour and lay under water for about 150 years. It was eventually recovered and the remains are displayed in a temperature controlled, dedicated building.

Also on the site are numerous original and restored buildings.  They are furnished and staffed with knowledgeable  guides dressed in clothing appropriate to their role.
In the harbour itself is a replica of the HMS Tecumseth, complete with crew. Great fun to go aboard and explore, both above and below decks. It was used as a supply ship.

Life at Discovery Harbour wasn't easy, and the British Officers often brought their wives with them from England. I can't imagine the culture shock experienced by those genteel women. The homes for the officers were more substantial than those of the enlisted men, and built at some distance from them. The Officers had a fairly good social life and lived quite well.
The day we were there it was warm, but threatened rain all day, which is why some photos are a little dark.
The following photos are of buildings and interiors on the site. All set up as if the occupants had just stepped out for a moment.

If you've read this far, well done!
If you find these places interesting you can learn more at their website, highlighted above.


  1. What an interesting place.... this is a piece of history that's rarely mentioned in the UK. Jx

    1. Since all my schooling was in the UK too, it is something I knew little about. There are many places like this here, just waiting to be discovered and explored.


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