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A stay at home day

A nothing kind of day. Very overcast and looks like rain. I'm housebound due to prep for a medical test tomorrow. Just routine but let's say l can't go far and you can probably guess what the test is! So l'm sitting here watching the grass grow. The trees look so sad, it's hard to believe that this time next month they will be gone.
Oh, and l'm hungry. Very hungry, and l can't eat until l get home around 5 pm tomorrow!

Sunshine on a cloudy day

It's hot and humid, but cloudy today, so I decided to clean my car. First to the carwash, then home to vacuum, and remove finger marks from the doors etc.. It looks new again!
I'll do the windows tomorrow.
After lunch, a walk around the garden brought home how much there is to do but it's not worth the effort right now. After years of indecision the appointment has been made to remove the cherry trees next month. We planted them 30 years ago and they grew, and grew and grew. But  now they are truly in decline...we have toyed with the idea of taking them down for the last few years, they made a mess, they shaded out everything else, but we couldn't do it. Those few weeks of glorious blossom, and the privacy they gave us was too precious. Now we have no choice, and have accepted that they have to go. I feel quite emotional about it. It's like losing two old friends.
Over thirty feet tall and with wide spreading branches, they have been home to birds and squirrels, a…

Get fit quick!

Credit for this lovely photo is shown on the print.

It's been ten years since our last trip to Portugal. When we left I became quite emotional as in my heart I felt we would never return.
For the last several years my son in law has been encouraging us to go back for a visit. My vacations meanwhile have been on a beach somewhere, sipping caiparinhas and swimming in the Caribbean. Not too exacting.
He wanted us all to go. He has finally convinced us and arrangements have been made for a trip in November. My reluctance stemmed from all the walking involved.
The longer we waited,  the older I got,  and began to think it would be too much. Hubby is okay, daily golf games keep him fit. Me...let's just say I don't golf!
So in less than four months, hubby and I, along with daughter, son in law and two grand daughters will jet off for twelve days. We will spend 4 days in Lisbon and Sintra, then drive down to the South coast to visit some of our o…

That was the week that was.

Whew! That was a busy one! We had a lovely visit with our friends, including a boat ride around the lake their home sits on. The water is still high after a very wet June.
On Wednesday I had a great day with my grand daughter, and although we didn't go where we had planned we still had fun. Thursday was spent with two of our son's children, and yesterday was reserved for a pedicure. All fun stuff but last night I was exhausted and slept quite late today.
One of the things Olivia and I did on Wednesday was visit garden centres. She loves being in the garden and has a good eye for plants and colour.
My friend Shammi featured some geraniums on her latest blog post, and has inspired me to do the same. Here are some of the ones in our garden. As you can see, I like pink!

This one is just coming back after being unwell....

This isn't mine unfortunately. It was spotted in the garden centre, it was huge, about four feet across, and I had no room for it..x
How does your garden grow…


Where did June go. I feel all I have to show for last month is a rain gauge with almost 6 inches of rain in it! Never mind, the garden is green and everything is growing nicely, including the rose above. It is thriving despite the rose bush being nibbled down to the roots by hungry rabbits this Spring.
We brought July in with a family Canada Day party at our daughter's home.  Great company, great food and fireworks. The bonus was it didn't rain. I'm hoping that set the tone for July, I think we have had more than our fair share already.
I'm having a lazy Sunday today. Ivo is making dinner, and I'm puttering around the house doing just the things I enjoy doing. The rest can wait until next week.
Since we retired it's like having a permanent weekend. Very enjoyable, though
next week is mapped out for me. Housework catch up, laundry and grocery shopping. A visit to out of town friends, then a promised day out to have lunch with my grand daughter. She's chose…