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It's been ten years since our last trip to Portugal. When we left I became quite emotional as in my heart I felt we would never return.
For the last several years my son in law has been encouraging us to go back for a visit. My vacations meanwhile have been on a beach somewhere, sipping caiparinhas and swimming in the Caribbean. Not too exacting.
He wanted us all to go. He has finally convinced us and arrangements have been made for a trip in November. My reluctance stemmed from all the walking involved.
The longer we waited,  the older I got,  and began to think it would be too much. Hubby is okay, daily golf games keep him fit. Me...let's just say I don't golf!
So in less than four months, hubby and I, along with daughter, son in law and two grand daughters will jet off for twelve days. We will spend 4 days in Lisbon and Sintra, then drive down to the South coast to visit some of our old haunts.
It is a first visit for my daughter and family, and I'm excited to see it all again through their eyes. The girls are now old enough to remember and enjoy it.
I have 112 days to get my walking legs on.

 Amid the plain a palace dazzling bright,
Like living flame, emits a streamy light,
And, wrapp’d in splendour of refulgent day,
Outshines the strength of ev’ry mortal ray.
Luis de Camões


  1. Better get yourself some comfy walking shoes and a step counter and go for it! 12 days in Portugal sounds like a dream come true, especially when accompanied by your family.

    1. Lol..comfy walking shoes I have! Since my back problem last year, I tire more easily when walking any distance.
      I have residual numbness in my leg, so plan to take my cane. I may not need it, but best be prepared..!


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