Where did June go. I feel all I have to show for last month is a rain gauge with almost 6 inches of rain in it! Never mind, the garden is green and everything is growing nicely, including the rose above. It is thriving despite the rose bush being nibbled down to the roots by hungry rabbits this Spring.
We brought July in with a family Canada Day party at our daughter's home.  Great company, great food and fireworks. The bonus was it didn't rain. I'm hoping that set the tone for July, I think we have had more than our fair share already.
I'm having a lazy Sunday today. Ivo is making dinner, and I'm puttering around the house doing just the things I enjoy doing. The rest can wait until next week.
Since we retired it's like having a permanent weekend. Very enjoyable, though
next week is mapped out for me. Housework catch up, laundry and grocery shopping. A visit to out of town friends, then a promised day out to have lunch with my grand daughter. She's chosen a location 2 hours from here, so it will be another days outing. Wednesday is our son's birthday.  On Thursday I have two of my sons children for the day, and well...that's another week gone!
I went to compose this blog entry and found a draft that didn't contain anything so I deleted it.  I thought. I now realize I had deleted my last post.
As far as I know it can't bring recovered. Silly me.
xx 🌱🌸🌱


  1. Yes, we wait all winter for the warm weather and when June comes it flies by and now we are into July already! Grey skies this morning and we had heavy rain during the night, so I am hoping for some sunshine as I am going on the Claremont garden tour this afternoon. Possibly blog pics to come, if the weather cooperates.

    1. It's sunny, with just a few wispy clouds at the moment, so I hope the weather stays nice for you. I shall look forward to pics..xx


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